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Tips for better living


My latest fad.... JazzFM on DAB -- Clare Anderson's Late Lounge after 10pm

1.  Switch to Green Energy or some other green provider.

2. Join the 10:10 campaign. But globally, we need to reduce CO2 emissions from 50 gigatonnes per annum to 25 gigatonnes by 2030, so you'll need to do more than 10% in 2010.

3. Consider investing long-term in environmentally sound businesses.

4. Check out Banksy…..

5. Run; three times a week until you get addicted. Costs nothing and it’ll magically improve everything else in your life. Guaranteed, or your money back. And then when you hit 40 and running has knackered your joints, try Hot Bikram Yoga!

6. Podcast the latest This American Life or otherwise listen to Car Talk on National Public Radio. In fact, listen to anything on NPR or BBC Radio Four (except the Archers).

7. Read a new book! “Regeneration” by Pat Barker is my favourite book, by a long way. Nothing to do with CNS injury, it’s a blend of fact and fiction about World War I lives. “Chickenhawk” by Robert Mason is another one I’ve read and re-read.

8. Find some new tunes on You choose a band, for example, the Beastie Boys and it’ll play tracks by similar artists. This way, you might discover DJ Format or Ugly Duckling. If it plays a track you can’t stand, hit “STOP” and it’ll never play again! No more Smiths or the Cure, ever!

9. Matt Ford.

10. Download a freebie from Krafty Kuts here.

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